Sound For The Future

A family history seen through the fractured lens of art, self-exploration, punk music, politics and attitude.

A family history seen through the fractured lens of art, self-exploration, music, politics and attitude, Sound For The Future is a passionate, hilarious and brazenly honest delve into the creative process.

On the surface, acclaimed artist-filmmaker Matt Hulse’s affectionate recreation of the time he and his siblings formed Britain’s youngest post-punk band THE HIPPIES in 1979 can be viewed as a wistful and energetic memoir. But dig beneath and you’ll find a powerful, battered and bruised ode to childhood and the experiences which make us us.

We join Matt as he reimagines The Hippies in the modern day, recruiting a group of teenage Scottish actors to play the parts of himself, his sister Polly and brother Toby in a series of workshops and experiments to revive that momentous moment.

Part essay film, part exploration of post-punk British music and DIY culture, the creation of The Hippies was fuelled by Matt hearing Gang Of Four’s debut EP, kickstarting a lifelong creative and personal odyssey. Sound For The Future features music from XTC, Gang Of Four, Sleaford Mods, The Stranglers and The Hippies and the film also features one of the final appearances of Gang Of Four’s Andy Gill before his untimely death in 2020.

Released in the UK Friday 28th October 2022

  • Director: Matt Hulse
  • Year: 2020
  • Duration: 1hr 42 mins
  • Genre: Documentary, music
  • Production company: Pinball Films, Aconite Productions

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“Hulse’s film captures both teenage enthusiasm and the reflection of adulthood. It may not be the future of rock and roll, but it does make something relevant of the past, and for The Hippies, their small mark on music history is immortalised here forever.”

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