Shextreme Film Festival On Tour

The female-focused adventure film festival goes on the road!

You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.”
Isadore Duncan

To all the wild women who answer the call of adventure: Shextreme is dedicated to you.

The world’s first film festival celebrating women in extreme sports and adventure, Shextreme launched its first UK tour in autumn 2019.

Leading the charge for gender equality in adventure filmmaking, Shextreme’s UK tour took the best of the 2019 festival out on tour, electrifying audiences with an exciting and inspiring celebration of adventurous, active women.

The Alchemy of Mountains
02:28 | Director: Anna-Maria Montonen
An artistic animation reflecting illuminating the effects of time spent in the mountains.

03:30 | Director: Ruth Farrar
An awakening on two wheels: Jessica Strange examines the mental wellbeing benefits of mountain biking.

03:52 | Director: Boryana Ivanova
Once a swimming champion in Syria, now Sarah finds herself on a broken boat in the Mediterranean. She knows that this will be the most important race she will ever compete in. The prize – saving her own life and the life of her sister.

Circle of the Sun
05:03 | Directors: Inigo Grasset and Lena Stoffel
One day of magic: surf and ski on a surreal journey in Norway with freeride skier Lena Stoffel.

42:00 | Directors: Bronwyn Harvey & Christina Baldwin
Why is surfing so wonderfully addictive? Exclusive to Shextreme: U.K. surf documentary Undercurrents explores the relationship between connection and compassion and its link to our mental wellness. Bringing in ideas from the Blue Mind movement, the science of mindfulness and flow, the film explores our relationship to the sea and find out what happens when we pursue what we love. This fascinating film features surfing pioneer Arlene Maltman, one of Europe’s first female surf champions, mindfulness innovator Dr. Tamara Russell, surfing yogi and marine activist Natalie Fox as well as Cornwall-based Blue health coach and Blue Mind Advocate Lizzi Larbalestier.

01:38 | Director: Nicole Tobin
A modern-day surf animation.

03:12 | Director: Mikhail Linnikov
Journey to Russia’s Lake Baikal: a sacred place of power for Siberian shamans and a fun place to also become entranced in slackline.

High Passes
21:17 | Director: Cosima Barzini
High Passes takes us from the beautiful Himalayan mountains of India to the busy metropolis of Kuala Lumpur while we follow India’s first women’s ice hockey team as they compete for international glory.

Where the Wild Things Keep Playing
03:44 | Director: Krystle Wright
From dirt to waves to ice, this is Krystle Wright’s unapologetic celebration of active women getting rowdy outside – without changing a thing.

Released in the UK from December 2019

  • Director: Various
  • Year: Various
  • Duration: 87 minutes
  • Genre: Short film, Outdoor/adventure
  • Production company: Various

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