The Best of Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2022

A selection of the best new films from the UK’s leading outdoor/adventure film festival.


Sheffield Adventure Film Festival is an annual three-day weekend event bringing together the best of outdoor and adventure filmmaking from all around the world.

ShAFF is one of the UK’s most established outdoor and adventure festivals. Each year the festival presents the pinnacle of films from climbing, running, water sports and biking.  

Since 2018, ShAFF and Tull Stories have presented the tour to audiences across the UK and we’re thrilled to be back in cinemas in 2022.



A selection of the most popular films from this year’s ShAFF,  including the most exciting voices and athletes from the worlds of climbing, biking, running and the water.

Director | Barry Kennedy & Stash Wislocki
Running time | 8 minutes | USA | WATER
A short film that tells the story of Dustin Reynolds who, with no sailing experience, set out to become the first double amputee to sail around the world.

Director | Pierre Henni
Running time | 3 minutes | BIKING
After Chasing Volcanoes, Our Tour de France with the META POWER and Outdoor Synchrony, Kilian Bron returns again with a trip to the heart of Cappadocia in Turkey! For two weeks he discovered a region with mesmerisingly unique scenery in search of the best spots to put down the tyres of his META TR!

Director | Coldhouse
Running time | 15 minutes | UK | CLIMBING / RUNNING
Tom Randall is a world class crack climber. He is also a terrible runner, which is why his latest challenge seems like an odd choice. He decided to link up two of the Lake District’s biggest and toughest endurance challenges, the Bob Graham Round and The Classic Rock challenge into one hellish 24-hour mad dash. A funny, honest, genuine and heartfelt story.

Director | Liam Higgins & Richard Baybutt
Running time | 6 minutes | UK | BIKING
This short meditation on getting outside and cultivating a calm head hopefully inspires more of us to try and detach whatever stresses we have and discover what lies beyond our front door.

Director | Hannah Maia
Running time | 7 minutes | UK | RUNNING
Mhairi Helme’s poetic reflection of a 100-mile run around the English Lake District inspired by the landscape, the people she meets, and her fell running hero, Joss Naylor.

Director | Louis-Jack
Running time | 4 minutes | UK | CLIMBING
In scaling rocks by the hardest routes, boulderers seek to escape gravity in an endless quest to achieve weightlessness and momentarily leave the world behind.

Director | Carlo Nasisse
Running time | 16 minutes | USA | RUNNING
Heather Anderson may be the greatest hiker to ever walk the earth. She has consistently broken the male and female thru hiking records on some of the world’s longest and most challenging trails. In this short she reflects on her origins and path towards healing on the trail.

Director | Brandon Watts
Running time | 12 minutes | USA | BIKING
More than a decade after his retirement, 71-year-old Craig Bierly is still on the road, chasing his dream of riding as much United States singletrack as possible.

Director | Matt Kay
Running time | 31 minutes | UK | RUNNING
Ultrarunner Martin Johnson attempts to set a new Fastest Known Time on the 184-mile Thames River Trail. It’s an impressive athletic pursuit, but also a chance to contemplate the entangled history of Black British people and the river. It’s a journey of self-discovery, punctuated by discovery and joy. Ultimately it’s an experience Martin hopes will inspire many more people of colour to get out beyond the city and run..

Released in the UK from Friday 19th August 2022

  • Director: Various
  • Year: Various
  • Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes
  • Genre: Outdoor/adventure
  • Production company: Various

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