Wild Rumpus

Event, programme & audience development advice for Hinterlands Festival

“His years and depth of experience in the film industry proved an invaluable resource to us.”

The project

The Wild Rumpus team were developing the first Hinterlands Film Festival, to take place in Skipton, Yorkshire.  They wanted to explore the areas of audience identification, marketing tactics, thematic programming and the operational aspects around programming the festival.

The solution

Our workshop/meeting addressed all key areas. We discussed how they might generally approach the festival, starting with the idea of an elevator pitch, and in turn, the use of that as a starting point to focus and define their programming and events, audiences, potential venue partnerships and their programme.

We also discussed accessibility programmes, potential alternate funding streams and setting practical sales targets for events.

The result

The first festival took place in May 2019, and continues as an annual occurrence.

Jonny Tull came our way via Film Hub North, as we started to dream up our film festival Hinterlands.

Jonny mentored us through the planning process, helping to point us in the right direction, keeping us on track and asking really useful questions about the Why as well as the What and the How.

He has an open and friendly manner and puts you at ease, which means you feel entirely relaxed and can ask all the questions you think might be too stupid to ask.

His years and depth of experience in the film industry proved an invaluable resource to us.

We’re looking forward to working more with Jonny in future.”

Sarah Bird
Wild Rumpus

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