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Short film curation and submission project for Adventure Cinema Film & Food Fest 2021 UK tour

“Jonny is now my go-to colleague for anything in film and I’m looking forward to working with him on forthcoming projects.”

The project

The company Adventure Cinema wanted to allocate one night of their four-night Film & Food Fest UK-wide outdoor touring events to short films. Stopping at 15 UK cities, the project needed a curated programme of shorts from regional filmmakers for each event. Tull Stories was recruited by Reel Solutions to help devise the process and support the submissions process and curation of events.

The solution

A submissions process and UK-wide targeted marketing campaign was devised and delivered. This process was built to ensure that filmmakers were paid for their work and that a high-quality programme of regional content was played in each regional event.

The result

The Film & Food Fest short film events were a huge success. Hundreds of films were submitted by filmmakers and over 100 short films were screened. All filmmakers were paid for use of their work. Around 7,000 people attended the short film screening nights, with the busiest events for shorts programmes North London (1,074 people) and Bristol (1,023 people).

I started working with Jonny in 2019, first just sharing thoughts and ideas, then into our first project. Jonny is always a pleasure to chat to and full of ideas and insights into how the industry works. We would connect on small projects and meet up regularly, so when a large project came my way in 2021, Jonny was the person to turn to.

Putting together 15 programmes of short films to screen at 15 festivals around the UK seemed daunting even with Jonny on board, but it turned into one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever worked on – and there have been a lot.

Jonny brought not only an eye for a good short film, but also excellent organisation. Jonny is now my go to colleague for anything in film and I’m looking forward to working with him on forthcoming projects.”

Bill Lawrence
Executive Director
Reel Solutions

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