Square Chapel Arts Centre

Audience research, development & programming strategy

“We have found out a whole wealth of invaluable insights into our core audience and audiences who we want to visit more often.”

The project

The Square Chapel team were looking for insight into the behaviour and preferences of audiences for the Centre’s  (then) new film programme.

The solution

Jonny Tull was engaged to develop two customer surveys for the Square Chapel Arts Centre team in order to gain insight into the motivations and habits of the cinema audience.

A survey was issued to film attenders over the summer of 2019.  A second survey, intended to monitor the needs and habits of non-film attenders, was not used but is available for future use.

To complement this, a brief review of film sales data at the Centre was undertaken.

This data was presented in an insight report to Square Chapel Arts Centre highlighting key findings and providing recommendations on future positioning, programming decisions and operations around cinema.


The result

The resulting set of clear findings has helped the Centre’s management team reconsider its audience for film and the role Square Chapel Arts Centre plays as an independent cinema space in the town of Halifax.

The recommendations provided give the team a blueprint for future success.

Jonny has been a huge help in working with us at Square Chapel Arts Centre to find out more about our audiences and their behaviours.

He was really methodical in working with us to develop a survey to send out to customers and then interrogated that data and programme information in such detail that we have found out a whole wealth of invaluable insights into our core audience and the audiences who we want to visit more often.

He is also just a genuinely nice and enthusiastic person and took time to come down to Halifax to find out more about our venue and the local area. He is always a really easy person to reach out to if you need someone’s brains to pick and is excited in seeing how audiences can grow.

It’s almost like he has been a member of the team here for ages and we look forward to working with him more in the future as our cinema develops.”

Dave Garrett
Sales Manager / Film Programmer
Square Chapel Arts Centre

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