We’re thrilled to announce that Tull Stories has received a development funding grant from the North of Tyne Culture & Creative Investment Programme. This programme of support, offered by Creative UK, will allow for growth in organisations in the Creative Industries. It comes at a crucial time for the North East and for us.

We will use this funding carefully, and it will ensure that we are able to bring in support in several key areas of the film release process over the next nine months.

Here’s what we said:

“I’m delighted to have been offered this support from the North Of Tyne Culture & Creative investment Programme. It will prove invaluable in helping me develop my film support agency Tull Stories. Tull Stories is a business from the north east, and one firmly cemented in the fabric of the north east. With this support we’ll employ north east talent to help deliver its aims and help develop the region’s film and cinema ecology even further.”Jonny Tull, Founder, Tull Stories

A range of grant options are available via Creative UK’s North of Tyne Programme. These grants enable enterprises to build upon their creative and commercial ideas, creating opportunity for them to become more sustainable or grow their businesses.

North of Tyne Grant Announcements: Round 1

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