Writer, producer and director Greg Cruttwell’s absorbing, funny and poignant love letter to grassroots football, THE FOOTBALL MONOLOGUES, is now available to rent on Sky Store, Apple TV, GooglePlay, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video in the UK & Ireland.

A look at life across the playing fields and terraces, seven people tell their life stories in and around the beautiful game. Amongst our subjects are Kimberly (Emma Amos: Vera Drake), a straight-talking, no-nonsense businesswoman; experienced referee Colin (Mark Hadfield: Wallander), a man in his late 50’s and a stickler for the rules and Mark (Samuel Anderson: Landscapers, Doctor Who, The History Boys), a professional player who should be in his prime but is feeling the pressure of the game.

“Swells with insider insight”

“Sound stuff, engagingly performed…Cruttwell affords his players time and space to run a mile”

“One of the best films made about football for quite some time”

Watch The Football Monologues here: https://linktr.ee/tullstories

Thanks to Sparky Pictures for release support!

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